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Money Hacks I Am Adopting for Covid19

Do you know what they say about a  salary without responsibility? Especially in the middle of a global pandemic?

If you answered no, this story is right for you! When I got my first salary, I was still living with my parents; hence no major responsibilities. I also had zero concept of personal finance and barely any financial background. In a nutshell my first couple of salaries were spent within the first two weeks. I still live in my parents house (I’m not that old guys) but I’ve learnt a couple of hacks along the way to ensure any income I get is put to better use.

  • Saving is not just about putting money aside. I always make sure my savings are invested, a money market fund is my go to investment option only because I don’t have to go to a bank and I can get my money back within hours incase I need it. Saving the money then using it a week after is only postponing spending
  • Invest with your friends. I said it! Have a Chama (investment group) with your friends where you all contribute money to be invested in capital intensive investments you would not have been able to afford on your own. Besides, friends count for a great accountability system.
  • Like Jay-z said ,if you cannot buy it twice you cannot afford it. I’m not saying do not buy it. My advice would be if you think about it a day after, you might as well chip into your spending kitty and just buy it, a little indulgence is never a bad idea. Emphasis on, if you think about it a day after. I have had one too many instances of asking myself why I bought something an hour and, in some cases, end up never using it
  • Contrary to popular belief investment is not just about stocks. There is so many flexible options to invest as low as 500 bob. It took me a while to realize but once I got all my options and goals into place, I realized having more than one income stream did not necessarily mean having to go into business or anything technical like that, it could be as easy as depositing money and earning interest; more like a reward for being responsible.
Money Hacks I Am Adopting for Covid19

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Elizabeth Ladoce
The author is a multi-disciplinary artist with particular expertise in instrumentals, visual art and writing. She is a real estate student and part-time custom artist. She also has a personal blog and is a contributor for Women In Real Estate’s Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics program.


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    Nice article.What are those Flexible investment options?Kindly share that.

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    Hey, money market funds like Britam and Cytonn are usually very flexible

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