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The only world-class investment account
that allows students to invest small amounts. Setup in less than 5 minutes!

Step 1: The Savings

You do your weekly or monthly contribution which will be channeled and kept the Custodian Bank (KCB bank/Equity Bank).

Step 2: The Investment

The money you save will be invested by Nabo Capital a member of CENTUM Investment upon the approval by the Board of Trustee. The administration of the Fund will be done by Octagon Africa who will ensure all the records are kept well and the interest earned is distributed to each account and updated in the system. The fund is regulated by Capital Markets Authority.

Step 3: The Returns

You will be given your savings together with the interest accrued at the end of your studies. Where those savings are less than the capital you need to start a business, KCB Bank / Equity Bank or Youth Fund will give you a loan without collateral based on your savings history.

Those saving for education or any other thing, will be given their money to actualize their dreams.

What we do

We exist to Empower Your Dreams.

We deliver competitive returns with an investment philosophy that safeguards clients’ value and builds wealth to ensure our clients’ future is secured.

Financial Literacy
Financial Literacy

To promote financial literacy among youth that will help in wealth creating and boost the economic growth in Kenya.

Capacity Building & Training Workshops
Capacity Building & Training Workshops

Every year, Wanafunzi Investment will train at least 30 students from each university and college who will act as Grass Root Ambassadors for a period of one year in their respective campuses and counties.

Management Training
Management Training

To promote financial, entrepreneurial and management skills among youth through effective training to build and sustain the future for the younger generation

Inspirational Interactions and Mentorship
Inspirational Interactions and Mentorship

Every year, Wanafunzi Investment will hold quarterly inspirational interactions between students and eminent persons in the society. Students will be encouraged to form business groups which will be allocated with a mentor.


Board of Trustees.
Investment strategy.


Our most recent
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We empower
your dreams.

Social Impact

Our purpose is to deliver an easy to use investment platform backed by an award-winning fund manager, Fund administrator, custodian bank and highly qualified and reputable board of trustee to offer best possible returns for our clients within the most pressure free environment.


We offer the only pulled investment trust targeting students in Kenya. We offer the only available world-class investment account that allows students to invest small amounts. The setup is in record time at less than 5 minutes.

The Dream

We offer the easiest way to save for any individual and group initiative in the future. We develop the right investment solution to meet your desired goal and actualize your dream. We are offering students an opportunity to be part of the growing collective retail Kes. 66.6 Billion Assets Under Management and institutional Kes 2.3 Trillion Asset Under Management within the Kenyan investment ecosystem

The Portfolio

A portfolio is a select combination of investments in stocks or bonds that are owned by an individual in a collective. Stocks & Bonds: Stocks are shares of ownership in a business. Bonds are a debt investment where an investor loans money to a business or government for a defined period and interest rate.

We Create the Perfect Portfolio

We know the prevailing financial situation and goals of our clients. With that mindset, we seek to invest in a mix of stocks, bonds and other investment that will yield the best possible return in the market while preserving the invested principle.

Asset Classes

Asset classes represent certain categories or classes of stocks or bonds. Each diversified portfolio has a mix of asset classes ranging from small capital companies, medium capital companies, fix assets such as treasury bills and bonds etc.


We help to achieve
mutual goals.

Goal Oriented Savings

“It's totally practical and worth your while. I have so far saved Kshs 100,000 for which i plan set up an online business. My goal is to get to Kshs 300,000.”
Jane Riunga

3rd Year Student, University of Nairobi

Mobile App Quality

“I love the Wanafunzi mobile app. It is so easy to use and i keep tabs with my savings every well. I signed up for a weekly savings plan because i want to manage my weekly expenditure..”
Stacey Adhiambo

Student Leader, Kenyatta University

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Join our savings program
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We offer the only available world-class investment account that allows students to invest small amounts. The setup is in record time at less than 5 minutes.

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